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JINDIAN Oxy-hydrogen Equipment Manaufacturer is an high-tech industry group intergrading scientific research, design,production and sales. Our company founded in 2000.After years of researching and practicing, now our company has benn one of larger-scale, variety, more complete system, high science and technology content oxy-hydrogen equipment (oxy-hydrogen machine/oxy-hydrogen generator/water welder/oxy-hydrogen flame generator/jewelry welding machine/water hydrogen flame machine/platinum fusion welding machine/water hydrogen flame machine/platinum fusion welding machine/enameled wire welder/oxy-hydrogen welding machine/battery plate welding machine/thermocouple welding machine) productiong bases.
At presnet, there are the first-class research and development center, professonal production base and a group of experienced, high technology research and management personnel in our company. Our company own high-quality and strong sense of reponsibility staff. We win the trust of the users all over the country by the first-class product and after-sales services. Thus we established a nationwide sales network.
After years of researching and producint , our company has a ”°JINDINA”± brand series Oxy-hydrogen equipment (oxy-hydrogen machine/oxy-hydrogen generator/water welder/oxy-hydrogen flame generator/jewlry welding machine/water hydrogen flame machine/platinum fusing welding machine/emameled wire welder/oxy-hydrogen welding machine/battery plater welding machine/thermocouple welding maching).
Chinese brand:½ńµä£¬21st century-½ńµä. Our products with high performance to to price ratio, won the consistent praise of the customer. Our equipment has good reputation in domestic and international market.
We have been working hard, and we will adhere t expand the market by quality service, strive for expanding living space by the excellent quality and do our best to develop and innovate by science and technology content of our products. We will make great efforts ot develop and produce wide application range, higy starting point of products to meet the needs of the customer.
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Service telephone”±0371-66886180

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